Obesity is now an epidemic problem worldwide. The most common causes of weight gain

include genetics, which is basically the imprints what we have received from parents and

forefathers. Also, consumption of nutrient poor high calorie fast foods coupled with a

sedentary lifestyle with little or no exercise. Lot of these junk foods unfortunately are being

aggressively promoted by the companies, resulting in overindulgence. In previous times,

when there was scarcity of food, the human body was designed to store the excess energy

in the body as fat to meet the energy requirements during food scarcity; but now with the

surplus of cheap food available, there is overconsumption of calories. Yet, or body

continues to store excess calories as fat which ultimately leads to obesity and the

associated illness of diabetes, high cholesterol, high BP. This also results in increased fat

deposition in and around the abdominal organs, leading to abdominal obesity. This heralds

the onset of metabolic diseases like diabetes. With increasing fat in the body, the insulin

hormone produced in our body starts functioning poorly, due to which diabetes worsen

over a period of time. As weight gain and diabetes worsens, ultimately the insulin

production becomes very low in our body, which becomes a major problem.

Specifically, there are common medical conditions also associated with weight gain. They

include diabetes, underactive thyroid gland, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS),

conditions leading to excess steroid hormone production in the body or long term steroid

therapy for any illness. If these illnesses are managed well medically, the weight gain can

be reversed to a certain extent with good diet plan and daily exercise.

Hence, due to these reasons, it’s highly important that an active lifestyle is maintained,

with daily exercise of a minimum of at least 30 minutes coupled with healthy dietary habits

including consuming more of green leafy vegetables, fruits and very less processed foods

that are high in saturated fats. The simplest and most effective form of exercise is brisk

walking, especially if done with a sense of commitment. Along with this, 2-3 times in a

week, if little more intense exercise can be included, like cycling or swimming, it will further

help in preventing weight gain and keeping these illnesses at bay.


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