The physiology and anatomy of female reproductive system is a bit more complex as compared to that of a male reproductive system. The lifecycle of a female comprises of a number of crucial stages such as menopause which is one of the most prominent stage in a women’s life. While talking about menopause, it can be marked as a phase of final cessation of menstrual cycle. In some of the cases menses cease all of a sudden, while in some the flow starts decreasing gradually every month until final termination occurs. The menopause phase demands to be dealt with utmost care and attention in order to cope up with different consequences which arise during this stage. In order to make sure that you are devoid of any of the physical complications during menopause, it is highly advisable to consult a good menopause specialist Kansas City.

A professional menopause specialist is able to diagnose and suggest the most suitable way of treating various complications which may arise at the time of menopause. The specialist is able to diagnose menopause effectively by discussing various symptoms which you detect around the time of menopause.

Here is a list of certain common symptoms of menopause experienced by women:-

  • Irregular Vaginal Bleeding:-

Vaginal bleeding gets irregular during onset of menopause. Menstrual periods may happen very frequently or may get farther apart before complete termination.

  • Night Sweats and Hot Flashes:-

Hot flashes are very common among females who are undergoing menopause and are sometimes associated with perspiration and flushing.

  • Vaginal Symptoms:-

Vaginal tissues become drier, thinner, lose elasticity and itching or pain occurs during intercourse.

  • Urinary Symptoms:-

Urethral lining becomes thinner, drier and loses its elasticity because of declination of estrogen level. Urination also occurs suddenly along with laughing, lifting of bulky objects and laughing.

  • Cognitive and Emotional Symptoms:-

A women who is about to enter menopause experiences a number of emotional symptoms such as irritability, fatigue, rapid mood swings and memory problems.

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